September 2020 - Knights of Columbus Parking Lot - Campbell, CA

We were unable to stay at the majestic Five Wounds Portuguese National Catholic Church due to the pandemic.  The local Knights of Columbus council offered their parking lot so our Oratory community could still celebrate Mass during a very difficult time. 


December 2020 - Cambrian Park Plaza - San Jose, CA

In October of 2020 we were able to move to a new location, albeit in a rundown shopping center.  With the help of Oratory members and clergy, we transformed the 2,300 sq ft of rented space into a chapel to suit our needs so we could continue to celebrate Holy Mass.  However, local restrictions forced us outside again, but we adapted.  Our dear Canon Ueda set up the altar that could be viewed through a window, and his voice was amplified to a courtyard area where the faithful gathered for daily and Sunday Masses.  Canon would come outside to give his homily where portable heaters and canopies protected us from the weather.  All of this had to be set up and taken down each day.  We thank God for the dedication of the many Oratory members who assisted Canonwith this arduous task during this challenging time. 


April 2021 - Cambrian Park Plaza - San Jose, CA

By April of 2021 we were back inside our rented space in Cambrian Park Plaza where we celebrated the beautiful Eastertide liturgies.  The altar was moved to a more permanent location within the retail space, allowing enough room for the laity to gather inside to worship.  


January 2022 - Canyon Heights School Chapel - San Jose, CA

Just as we were settling into a somewhat stable location at Cambrian Park Plaza, the property managers notified the Oratory that we needed to make plans to vacate our space, due to the impending demolition of the aging shopping center and secondary transfer of ownership to a new company.  Divine providence provided for us, however, and we were able to celebrate Mass at a local school chapel on Sundays and in a smaller unit back at Cambrian Park Plaza for our daily Mass. 

Canyon Heights



Smaller Unit at Cambrian Park Plaza



April 2022 to Present - 1101 S. Winchester Blvd. - San Jose, CA 

Although we celebrated the 2022 Easter liturgies at the Canyon Heights chapel, we had already acquired a newly rented space in a nice office complex where we currently are today.  Much had to be done to build out the rented office space to suit the needs of our Oratory, where we could celebrate Holy Mass, accommodate our Catechism classes and support the needs of our other groups for spiritual formation.  Consequently, we were not able to officially move in until after Easter Sunday in 2022.  Since that time our Oratory has settled in and continues to grow! 

We trust in the provision of our Lord and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph to find us a permanent home.  With God, all things are possible!