Most of the ecclesiastical communities after a certain length of existence gather faithful that are attracted by the proper spirituality and charism of the order.  Some of the faithful dedicate themselves entirely to the service of God answering the call to be full members of the community.  They become monks, nuns, brothers, priests according to their proper vocation.

That is the way of the Institute of Chris the King since its foundation gathered many vocations: 106 priests ordained serving as canons, 42 sisters, 25 oblates, more than 80 seminarians in formation.

Lay people desired as well to join into the spirit of the Institute by dedicating themselves to the service od the Institute and to prayer for its members.  The association took birth in Germany under the name of the "Society of the Sacred Heart" and is now established in most of the Apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King Soverign Priest.

Already many of the faithful of the Apostolate of the Institute at Saint Margaret mary belong to the Sacred Heart Society.

This year we would like to formalize the Society and open a monthly calendar of meetings for the Society.

Who can be a member?  Anyone who understands the Spirit of the Institute of Christ the King and wants to live according to this spirit.  They become ambassadors of the same spirit.

What is this "spirit" of the Institute?  It is feined by the love of the Church and the faithfullness to its magisterium.  Four patron saints shape this spirit.  The devotion to the Immaculate Conception; the study of the works of Saint Francis de Sales, doctor of Charity, of Saint Thomas Aquinas for his extensive and clear presentation of the doctrine of the Church, and of Saint Benedict of Nursia for his love and dedication to the Holy Liturgy and prayerfulness.

What does a member do?  Members are getting together regularly.  They make promises to say the rosary and the office of compline daily, to attend Mass as often as possible beside on Sunday and days of obligation... they get to attend the annual retreat where they would receive from Msgr. Giles Wach the Cross of Saint Frances de Sales when ready.  All members participate in the grace and merits of all members of the whole Institute.  Particular indulgences are reserved to them.

Meetings at Saint Margaret Mary can be found in the calendar.