Inaugural U.S. Chapter Chartres Pilgrimage

2024 06chartres1
For the first time, a group of pilgrims from the North American apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest participated in the 42nd Chartres Pilgrimage in France. This “Chapter” of thirty souls, led by Canon Benoit Jayr, from apostolates in Michigan, California, Louisiana and Wisconsin, joined the 18,000 pilgrims walking from Paris to Chartres on Pentecost weekend.
2024 06chartres2
Canon Benoit Jayr with Chartres Notre Dame de Chretiente President Jean de Tauriers
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2024 06chartres4
Opening Mass at St. Sulpice

The pilgrims carried the prayers of our country’s joys and hopes to the feet of our Blessed Mother to the Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. For each of the three days, pilgrims walked, prayed, laughed, shared stories, helped and urged each other, chanted and sang through the city streets and suburbs of Paris, then through the countryside of France, through woods, farm fields, and hamlets.
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2024 06chartres6
Day 1 - Pilgrimage route out of the city
2024 06chartres7
Day 1 - After lunch, the rains poured down

They endured heavy rains, mud and dusty heat before arriving at Chartres, singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic – the uniquely American contribution to the various and many songs and chants from throughout Europe and the world. Although each land brough its beautiful songs, all came together as one during the Latin Mass offered each day.
2024 06chartres8
Day 2 - 8:30 pm We can see our goal in the distance: Chartres Cathedral
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2024 06chartres10
Day 3 - Chartres Procession
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2024 06chartres12 
Day 4 - Leisure Tour of Chartres Cathedral
Lauda Jerusalem! Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!