The organ of St. Stanislaus was cleaned and regulated (tuned), and the action – which controls the playing of the pipes – was restored. The bellows were rebuilt with new leathers and a new control system. The console (keyboard) was also replaced with a used console from the former seminary chapel. This beautiful 17-rank instrument was rededicated in 2012 with an inaugural concert.


The loft space has recently been redesigned and reconstructed. As the choir has continued to grow, the choral risers and seating needed to be reconfigured. Since the loft is quite large, space was also allotted for timpani, strings, and brass instrumentalists to join the choir on high feasts and other special occasions. New flooring has been laid, new choir chairs purchased, and supplemental railing of wrought iron – which matches the gates in the communion railing – was added to the front of the loft for additional safety. The choir loft was painted with the nave as it is an integral part of the nave.