The 1960’s free-standing altar was removed and the high altar and side altars were restored to their original positions. Matching marble stairs were added to accommodate the traditional ascent in the “holy of holies” at the beginning of Mass.


The sanctuary floor – extended in the 1960’s with concrete and raised several inches – was removed. The floors of the sanctuary were covered in porcelain tile featuring a lovely inlaid geometric design.


The crumbling mosaic ceiling tile on the dome of the sanctuary was removed and the ceiling was painted a rich blue tone with gold scroll and gold leaf accents. The new blue dome reflects the dome of heaven.


All the plasterwork was repaired and the figures throughout the sanctuary were animated with life-like color, including the historic rood beam crucifixion scene. The subtle color complements the sparkling marble and gold of the altars and ceiling.


The long-lost bas relief sculpture of St. Stanislaus was recreated and installed above the high altar. The two surviving sections of the original communion railing were restored and repurposed as credence tables in the sanctuary.