To provide a more welcoming entrance to the church, the narthex (vestibule) was one of the first restoration projects. The worn and tired purple carpeting was removed and replaced with lovely porcelain tile, which has the appearance of stone. This makes the space far easier to clean and much more inviting.


New glass entry doors from the narthex to the nave were installed, which enable parents of young children to use the narthex as a crying room during Mass. A new sound system was extended into the narthex for this same purpose. Two pews, matching those of the nave, were resurrected from storage, refinished and installed for seating.


The coffered ceilings were repaired and painted; sparkling new chandeliers were hung, making a brighter and more usable space. New marble holy water fonts which match the communion rail were designed to replace the small wall-mounted fonts.


The stairwells in the narthex at the base of the bell towers leading to the choir loft were demolished due to age and safety issues. They were replaced with more stable stairs of elegant woodwork and railings with open spindles to allow more light. They greatly enhance the beauty of the space.


Lastly, the dilapidated street-side entry doors, with their broken woodwork and heavy, dark concrete-set windows were removed. New entry doors were designed to complement the architecture and restore the elegance of the entryway to its former glory. High transom windows, which mimic the new nave windows though with more subtle colors, grace these massive wooden doors. The new doors are not only much more beautiful, but also allow greater security and weatherproofing.