In the early morning  Thursday, on the vigil of St. John the Baptist, the Troops of St. George fathers and sons mounted their vehicles and started their pilgrimage to our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey- a Benedictine Monastery near Muscogee, Oklahoma USA, near the Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas borders.

An estimated 200 faithful pilgrims walked the 4.5 mile hike along the Ice Age trail, up to Holy Hill Basilica during the inaugural annual Pentecost pilgrimage in communion with the pilgrims of Chatres, France.

The final phase of the replacement of all  the windows in St. Stanislaus has arrived with the installation of the stained-glass windows in the two bell towers this week.

As the bright sunrise began to light the eastern horizon in the crisp autumn air, heavy machinery moved into place in front of St. Stanislaus church.