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Life and Spirit

Life of Prayer

Founded in 2001 to shine forth the adoration of God for His greater glory, the first and primary apostolate of a Sister Adorer is the chant of the Divine Office in common and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Holy Mass celebrated in the usus antiquior is the source and summit of a sister’s day and her whole life, a life which should be nothing other than a continuous offering to God, in the model of the Holy Host in the Divine Sacrifice.

2022 05 adoration
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Following Holy Mass each morning, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the monstrance, His humble throne, where the Sisters take turns throughout the day for an hour of meditation in the morning and at least a half-hour of silent adoration in the afternoon. The afternoon continues with a time of spiritual reading, the holy rosary recited in common, and solemn Benediction every evening. Holy Mass and adoration cannot be separated from the Church’s own prayer, the Divine Office. In union with the Canons and oblates of the Institute, the sisters gather in community to sing Lauds, Vespers, and Compline.


Work and Studies

2022 05 jardin
Work in the Garcen

For a consecrated soul, the life of prayer does not end when exiting the chapel; rather, the loving adoration of God and His Holy Will continues and deepens throughout the day. In addition to daily chores like cooking, laundry, and gardening, the sisters may also work on art, embroidery, quilling, and sewing liturgical vestments. A sister might give herself to creating delicate, detailed lace one hour, and then don her work habit to paint a room in the afternoon!

Along with prayer and work, the sisters have daily studies. As Saint Francis de Sales teaches, “Knowledge is required for the production of love, for we can never love what we do not know.” The studies that begin in postulancy continue throughout the novitiate and a sister’s entire religious life, including classes on Church doctrine and history, Latin, Sacred Scripture, and more, taught by the Canons of the Institute.

The sisters also gather together every day for continued formation and repetition of Gregorian chant, applying themselves to the gentle and rounded technique taught by the Abbey of Solesmes, where the life of prayer is brought forth out of every word and note.


2022 05 olives
Annual olive harvest
2022 05 orgue
Sister at the organ
2022 05 couture2
Sewing vestments


Being a semi-contemplative, semi-active community, the professed Sisters give themselves to apostolic work such as teaching catechism and teaching in schools of the Institute, preparing guest rooms for retreatants, and serving wherever the Canons need their assistance, according to God’s Providence. The goal is not only the material good; rather, the sisters seek to share their life of adoration with the world around them, so that Christ the King reigns in every heart and in every aspect of society.

The Adorers of the Royal Heart have the special vocation to pray for the sanctification of priests, especially those of the Institute of Christ the King, and to support them in their apostolates, through their work but most of all through their life consecrated and offered to God.


2022 05 ecole
St. Benedict Academy, Preston
2022 05 hotellerie
A Sister greeting guests at Maria Engelport
2022 05 premieres communions
First Holy Communions, Wausau


Formation and Discernment


Upon entering the Sister Adorers, a young lady is called a postulant. Wearing a simple black dress and the postulant cross, without vows or religious name, postulancy is a year of discernment in which the young lady begins to learn the life of a Sister Adorer at the house of novitiate in Naples, Italy. 

At the end of this time of initial discernment, following the guidance of her superiors and spiritual director, she will be invited to receive the Holy Habit and enter the Novitiate. It is during this ceremony that the sister receives her new religious name. The novitiate is a period of several years dedicated to deepening the interior life and life of virtue, particularly the virtues of humility, obedience, generosity, and charity, in further discernment and in preparation to offer herself entirely to God through the holy vows.


2022 05 prisedecapelline
Entrance of nine new postulants, 2019
2022 05 prisedhabit
Ceremonial "sacrifice of hair" before the veiling of a rising novice
2022 05 instruction
Novices receiving religious instruction form our Reverend Mother
2022 05 vows
Five sisters profess their first vows, 2017



2022 05 procession

For more information on discerning a vocation with the Sister Adorers, please contact them on their website  to learn more.

To discern a religious vocation with the Sister Adorers, a young lady must already be 18 years old. For girls who are not yet 18, the recommendation is to pray and give oneself to all the virtues appropriate for a young lady in her current state in life: obedience and respect to parents, charity toward siblings, faithfully fulfilling chores and studies. It is through the practice of little virtues in the here and now that a soul can best prepare herself for responding to whatever vocation God calls her to in the future.

Girls and young ladies under 18 might also be interested in the Institute of Christ the King’s summer camps:



Our Houses

House of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Naples

This ancient Dominican monastery surrounded by orange groves and lemon trees became home to our ever-growing novitiate in the year 2019. During their years at the house of novitiate, the sisters draw rich spiritual graces and receive a solid doctrinal and religious formation to prepare them for holy vows and to then go to one of our apostolic houses.


2022 05 jardin2
Postulants and novices working in the garden
2022 05 stalls
Divine Office in the choir stalls
2022 05 refectoire
Rectory before a meal


2022 05 Suisse maison
House of the Eucharistic Heart
2022 05 Suisse colonie
Summer camp for girls in Switzerland

House of the Eucharistic Heart, Switzerland

Nestled in the mountainside overlooking the French border, this beautiful convent was formerly a boys’ school run by the Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament. The building that had once housed the boarding school has now been transformed into a spacious and comfortable guest house: an ideal spot for recollection, spiritual retreats, and of course — summer camps! The sisters in Switzerland are also dedicated to the traditional art of quilling.


2022 05 MEP exterieur
Maria Engelport

Maria Engelport, Germany

In the Trier region of Germany, only minutes from the Moselle River, this Marian Shrine dates back to the year 1220. With the Blessed Sacrament exposed all day, the presence of several multi-lingual canons, and the sisters’ hospitality, this convent welcomes a great number of guests and retreatants, families and priests, who come to spend a few days in the company of Our Lord in this peaceful wooded valley.


2022 05 MEP retraite
Sisters serve dinner to a group of diocesan priests who are on spiritual retreat at Maria Engelport
2022 05 MEP chant
Gregorian chant near the highly venerated statue of Maria Engelport (meaing, Gate of Angels)


House of Saint Augustin, Preston, England

The Adorers of the Royal Heart arrived in England in the town of Preston (“Priest-town”) in 2018. Their life is centered on adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and singing Holy Mass and the Divine Office in the multiple Institute churches in the region. By God’s Holy Providence, the sisters also teach classes at St Benedict Academy, the Institute’s local school for children aged 5-17.


2022 05 preston procession
Procession in Preston, England
2022 05 preston ecole
Saint Benedict Academy
2022 05 preston recreation
Sisters in recreation


2022 05 livorno chapelle
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
2022 05 instruction jardin
Class taught in the garden

Villa of the Sacred Heart, Livorno, Italy

This Italian villa with a large, enclosed garden is located in the working seaport town of Livorno, about a half-hour southeast of Pisa. In addition to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the chant of the Divine Office, and singing the Mass in the nearby apostolate, this house is also specially dedicated to sewing ecclesiastical garments for the Institute’s priests and seminarians.



2022 05 Wausau office
Divine Office at St. Mary's Oratory

Convent of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wausau, Wisconsin

On All Saints’ Day 2019, the sisters had the immense grace of opening their first foundation in the United States. The Most Reverend William Callahan, Bishop of La Crosse, invited the sisters into his diocese and came to bless the chapel and the house on its inauguration. From adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and singing for Holy Mass, to children’s catechism and summer camps, the sisters are now a precious element of parish life at St Mary’s Oratory in Wausau.

2022 05 catechism
Sister teaching Catechism
2022 05 MariaBambina
Maria Bambina



House of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Ireland

In these challenging times for the once faith-filled country of Ireland, the Sister Adorers had the grace of opening a new house in County Louth in 2020. For-merly the Convent of Mercy, this beautiful edifice and expansive grounds have already been the home to girls’ summer camps run by the sisters.


2022 05 Ireland exterieur
Summer camp in Ireland with the convent in the background
2022 05 Ireland chapelle
Chapel in Ireland on Ash Wednesday

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