Under the leadership and guidance of Canons Commins and Zignego nearly sixty boys from across the country gathered at Green Lake, Wisconsin for this years annual Institute (high school) boy’s summer camp. The theme of the camp was the Cristeros and, through the various games and conferences, focused on the heroic examples which they gave us in their ascent of the mountain of perfection. With temperatures reaching into the 90’s, there was no shortage of opportunities for the boys to struggle in their pursuit of the virtues of perseverance and fortitude; virtues so well exemplified by the Cristeros. Nevertheless, the boys responded admirably to the challenges placed before them, lifting their spirits and those of their comrades with cries of Viva Cristo Rey and Christus Vincit! Under the patronage of the Cristeros, the boys joyfully and successfully finished camp, and returned home with bodies wearied yet with souls well-nourished to face the next challenge.

Michael Howard, Candidate in Chicago and Counselor at camp.