In addition to the church restorations, the priory has also received new life. Dark, dirty and dilapidated from lack of use, the structural damage was repaired, floors were refinished, wallpapering and painting were done in place of dark paneling to lighten and beautify the spaces. New windows were installed. Heating and air conditioning have been updated. Electrical work was modernized.


New draperies, furniture and artwork were purchased which fit the architectural style of the building and make it very flexible for various events and activities. A lovely, open and welcoming library space was constructed. The dining room woodwork was refinished to create a warmer, inviting space. The kitchen was updated with new appliances and modifications in cabinetry.


The bedrooms and baths on the upper levels were included in all the refurbishing work. They are now available to house dignitaries and other visitors.


The original three-story stairwell, modified in the 1960’s, was discovered to be deteriorating and unsafe. It was completely removed and rebuilt with beautiful cast-iron spindles, creating a much more open, safe passageway.