Holy Name Society

Mission Statement

The Holy Name Society of St. Mary's Oratory is a lay organization of Catholic men dedicated to the exaltation of the Most Holy Name of God; to the promoting, by all legal and peaceful means, of the true and effective kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our families and society, by means of the spiritual growth of its members, the catholic formation of the young men of our Oratory and beyond, by the promotion of the frequent and reverend reception and administration of the Sacraments, by the private and public practice of the Catholic faith and the defense of our Catholic moral values, and in a particular way by making reparation against blasphemy, perjury, immodesty, immorality, and pornography.

The HNS members aspire to an ever growing and tender devotion to the Blessed Mother.

The HNS is as society of hierarchical structure composed of a chaplain (Oratory's Rector), elected
officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and Members.
Chaplain: Spiritual direction of HNS. Spiritual talk at meetings. Approval and/or direction of

President: Call and run the meetings. Provide the breakfast before HNS meetings. Zeal for the
fulfilment of HNS goals and decisions made in its meetings.
Vice-President: Second President and fill in for him in his absence.
Secretary: Jot down and prepare minutes of each meeting. Read previous ones in meetings. Post
them on HNS bulletin board. Mail them to absent members. Responsible for the membership roster
and the sign up of the presence list at each meeting.
Treasurer: Book keeping. Present a financial report at each meeting. Collect dues. Pay bills. Collect
and process the breakfast money.
Members: Member are (or can be) all male Catholics of our Oratory and beyond. (Age limit: 16)

Yearly retreat for HNS members and all male catholics. Yearly outing or recreational activity (for HNS members only).

Formation of our young men.

  • The HNS will organize and coordinate, under the direction of St. Mary's Oratory Rector, the formation programs of our young men, mainly:
    • A monthly program for the St. Michael's Patrol.
    • These monthly meetings will be more directly organized and monitored by a commission of younger dads from the HNS. This commission will meet on the Sunday following the HNS meeting, after the 10:00 High Mass to discuss the next St. Michael Patrol's program.
    • A yearly summer camp for boys
    • Altar boys (attire)

Watch over the dignity of our Divine Liturgy:

  • Ushers. (See Usher meeting minutes and mission statement.)
  • Carrying bier of Our Lady and Canopy of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Protection and up keeping of the Church.
  • Hospitality: every member of HNS will be attentive to invite people to church, to welcome people into the church before church events and to make them feel welcome in our Oratory.
  • HNS members, in a general manner, will watch out for the security of our Oratory.
  • The cleaning of Thomas Hall on Mondays. (The mopping men)

Defense of Catholic moral values:

  • Pro-Life activities.
  • Pro-Life rally.
  • Morality in Media. (Ron Putzer)

Pancake breakfast for All Saints Party.

Setting up of the external nativity scene before Christmas and dismantling it on (around) February 2nd.

Fundraisers in benefit of St. Mary's Oratory:

  • Raffle ticket printing, distribution, selling and drawing.
  • Silent auctions. Collect materials and organize auction.
  • One fundraising dinner (year).
  • Others.

Other activities.

  • Meeting/gathering for Catholic men.
  • Prayer before the "Family Planning" center. Participation in the 40 days for life.
  • A HNS member will consider an honor to be a member of the Choir.
  • Christmas Caroling (in conjunction with the ARS)


  • Promote the enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the homes and the devotions that go with
  • it.
  • The visitation of Our Lady (statue) to the homes (Joe Fink)
  • Daily prayer.

Link to the Knights of Columbus & HNS


  • Promotion of catholic literature, catholic values and news in our media.