Altar & Rosary Society

Mission Statement

The primary purpose and goal of the Altar & Rosary Society is the glory of God, in the example and imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Particularly, as its name states:

  • "Altar," by imitating Our Blessed Mother in the service of her Divine Son, by keeping His house, the church, and all that surrounds Him, a place worthy of His Holy Name, His Real Presence, and that of His children.
  • "Rosary," by honoring and praising the Blessed Virgin Mary, in a particular way through the recitation and promotion of the devotion to the Most Holy Rosary; recitation in common (at church or public places) as well as in private or in the family. Every member of the Altar & Rosary Society will recite daily the Holy Rosary, as asked by Our Lady at Fatima.
  • To accomplish this high goal, the Altar & Rosary Society will honor God through by fulfilling of noble and humble (amusing or tedious) services in the house of God, always remembering its motto: "To be a servant in the house of God is to reign."

These services to the Good Lord, His Blessed Mother and the salvations of
souls are:

  • The Altar & Rosary Society will be responsible, under the direction of the church Rector, for the formation of the young ladies of our Oratory. For that purpose:
    a. It will organize, and supervise (according to pre-established order), a monthly program for the Company of the Immaculate.
    b. It will help organize and run, under the direction of the church Rector, the yearly "Girl's Camp".
  • The Altar & Rosary Society will learn about the altar linens and priest's vestments, and assist the Oratory sacristan in the cleaning, repairing and making of such items of the divine worship.
  • The Altar & Rosary Society will zeal for the good keeping (cleaning) of the church, the sanctuary being reserved to the sacristan. This cleaning will we done according to instruction and by faithful and dedicated giving of individual time, according to the church-cleaning-roster posted by Altar & Rosary Society president on the Altar & Rosary Society bulletin board.
  • The Altar & Rosary Society (in its totality or through some of its members, according to what is established)will promote and organize a diversity of activities throughout the year:
  • a. Reception for special occasions.
    b. Fundraising dinners
    c. Christmas Carols
    d. Secretarial work for the church (when requested)
    e. Making of quilts for the pro-life Rally
    f. Keeping flowers on the altar and Our Lady.
    g. Organizing different fundraisers like the "Younkers Sales"
    h. Link with our Sister: Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus.
    i. Participation in different activities such as the Pro-Life Rally
    j. Yearly retreat (ARS only).
    k. The Altar & Rosary society can/will also do recreational projects, such as excursions, film, etc.