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Clergy of the Oratory

Canon Aaron Huberfeld, Rector

Canon Heitor Matheus, Vicar

St. Mary’s has been a fixture in Wausau for 130 yrs!
Come and learn about St. Mary's art, architecture, and rich history (both local and European).
Listen to the Oratory’s 43 head choir demonstrations of Gregorian Chant and Polyphony.
Enjoy refreshments, peruse the gift shop, walk the Fall gardens!
More details in the flyer. Free Admission! All are Welcome!
Questions? Call 715-848-9995 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Open House 2022






 Meet the new Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ, Sovereign Priest

The Sister Adorers stationed at the convent in Wausau, WI created this beautiful poster for the recent vesting of the novices in Naples, Italy.  

The poster describes the ceremonial rites and lists the names of the new Sister Adorers. 

The St. Mary's Oratory family is especially grateful for the veiling of our very own Miss Emma Ryan, now Sister Emma-Marie of the Maternity of Mary. 

God bless and keep all our dear Sister Adorers. Pray for them as they pray for us! 






 First Fridays and First Saturdays at St. Mary's 

Every First Friday: 8am Low Mass, All Day Adoration, 6pm High Mass

Every First Saturday: 10am High Mass followed by Procession




the Prophecies of Christ Explained


Episode 1: Genesis Part 1

Episode 2: Genesis Part 2

Episode 3: Genesis Part 3

Episode 4: Exodus Part 1

Episode 5: Exodus Part 2

Episode 6: Leviticus

Episode 7: Numbers

Episode 8: Deuteronomy

Episode 9: Job

Episode 10: Joshua

Episode 11: Judges

Episode 12: Ruth
Episode 13: 1 Samuel
Episode 14: 2 Samuel
Episode 15: Introduction to the Psalms
Episode 16: Psalms 1
Episode 17: Psalms 2





 The Plague of St. Charles

 Narrated by Canon Aaron Huberfeld

The Plague of St. Charles: Introduction

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapters 1-2

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 3

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 4

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 5

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 6

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 7-8

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 9

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 10

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 11

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapters 12-13

The Plague of St. Charles: Chapter 14 (Final)






 have established their first United States foundation in Wausau, Wisconsin. Please view their website here to learn who the sisters are, see many beautiful photos, view all the other Houses of the Sister Adorers across the world, inquire about vocations, or make a donation. Donations can also be made specifically to the Convent of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary simply by choosing St. Mary's Oratory  - Wausau in the donation tab. 


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