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StL250 Celebration
Procession of Relic of St. Louis IX, King of France

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Upcoming Masses & Events at the Oratory 

May - Month of the Blessed Mother

Tuesday, May 22 - Pentecost Tuesday - 8am Low Mass
Wednesday, May 23 - Ember Wednesday - 8am Low Mass; 12:15pm Low Mass
Thursday, May 24 - Pentecost Thursday - 8am Low Mass; 6:30pm Adoration
Friday, May 25 - Ember Friday - 8am Low Mass
Saturday, May 26 - Ember Saturday - 8am Low Mass
Sunday, May 27 - Trinity Sunday - 8am Low Mass; 10am High Mass
Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day
Monday, May 28 - St. Augistine of Canterbury - 8am Low Mass
Tuesday, May 29 - St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi - 8am Low Mass; 6:30pm Low Mass w/ devotions
Wednesday, May 30 - St. Felix the First - 8am Low Mass; 12:15pm Low Mass
Thursday, May 31 - Corpus Christi

June - Month of the Most Sacred Heart  


2011 Oratory Survey 

2010 Oratory Survey


"Tradition for Tomorrow" Launches

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