New Apostolate in Tucson, Arizona
Posted in Apostolates on August 17, 2008
St. Gianna Oratory

The Most Reverend Bishop of Tucson, Arizona, assisted at a High Mass celebrated by Msgr. R. Michael Schmitz in the City of Tucson on Sunday, August 17. During the ceremony, Bishop Kicanas announced the coming of the Institute of Christ the King to his diocese and told the faithful that Father Richard von Menshengen will be the priest responsible for the Oratory of St. Gianna.

During the very warm reception which followed, Bishop Kicanas and Msgr. Schmitz answered questions and provided more information concerning this apostolate, as well as thanked the local clergy and laity for their dedication to the Latin Mass community.

Father von Menshengen will celebrate Holy Mass for the first time for the Oratory community on September 21, 2008.

More information about the new apostolate will be forthcoming.

Bishop Kicanas St. Gianna Oratory