Sacred Music Workshop 2018
Posted in General on January 27, 2018

Sacred Music Workshop 2018

Canon Wulfran Lebocq
Nicholas Botkins
April 20-22, 2018

Following last year’s popular and well-received Sacred Music Workshop, another one will be offered this year at St. Francis de Sales Oratory, April 20 – 22, 2018. Please note that an advanced Gregorian Chant session has been added to the Friday schedule.

The Workshop will focus on the practical and spiritual aspects of sacred music, both of which are important to the liturgy in all apostolates. The intensive program will comprise spiritual talks by Institute Canons, Gregorian chant instruction, including Gregorian Rhythm and an introduction to Chironomy taught by Canon Wulfran Lebocq, and polyphonic practice and guidance provided by Mr. Nicholas Botkins.

We are very grateful to secure the exceptional level of music instruction from Canon Lebocq and Mr. Botkins. Canon Lebocq comes to us on this special occasion from Ireland, where he currently serves as the Prior of Sacred Heart Church in Limerick. Canon Lebocq also served as the Institute Choir Master at the Seminary for many years. Mr. Nicholas Botkins is the Director of Music at St. Francis de Sales.       

The Workshop will begin on Friday morning for the Advanced Chant students, Friday evening for the General Level, and conclude with Solemn Mass on Sunday. All participants will take part in chanting the Office with members of the Institute, attend lectures and rehearsals for both Chant and polyphony.  There will be opportunities to meet and mingle with participants who come from various US apostolates of the Institute. 


Please make checks payable to:
St. Francis de Sales Oratory
2653 Ohio Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63118

Credit Card payments can be accepted but a $4.00 surcharge will apply.

$95.00 (General Participants)
$145.00 (Choirmaster/Advanced Students Practicum)

Lodging - Group Rate at Residence Inn

For the lodging convenience of out-of-town participants, a Corporate Group Rate is available at Residence Inn St. Louis Downtown, located at 525 Jefferson Avenue, less than two miles away from the Oratory. Please note our Group Rate will include free parking (not explicitly stated), and a shuttle will be available to take participants to and from the Oratory.

Special Group Rate available at Residence Inn St. Louis Downtown, and includes free parking and shuttle.  Call 1-866-448-7500, and reference "Sacred Music Workshop", or make online reservation.  To make your reservations online, you may:  book your group rate for Sacred Music Workshop  (or visit this link Must book by March 20, 2018.

(Program Schedule below)

2018 Sacred Music Program

Friday, April 20th

Choirmaster/Advanced Students Practicum: 8am-3pm

   8:00 am   Low Mass
   9:00 am   Breakfast/Registration for Choirmasters/Advanced Students
   9:45 am   Chant: “Chironomy: The Art of Directing Chant with Precision and Flexibility”
   11:00 am   Break
   11:15 am   Chant: “The Spirit of Gregorian Modes: Expressions of the Prayer of the Church”
   12:30 pm   Angelus and Lunch
   1:30 pm   Chant: “Necessity and Importance of Transposition”
   2:45 pm   Break
   3:00 pm   Chant Practicum

Sacred Music Workshop: All Participants

   4:15 pm   Registration for General Participants
   4:45 pm   Polyphony Rehearsal
   5:30 pm   Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
   6:30 pm   Dinner
   7:45 pm   Polyphony Rehearsal
   9:00 pm   Compline

Saturday, April 21st
   8:00 am   Low Mass
   9:45 am   Chant/Polyphony Sectionals
          Men: Polyphony
          Ladies: Chant
   11:00 am   Chant/Polyphony Sectionals
          Ladies: Polyphony
          Men: Chant
   12:30 pm   Angelus and Lunch
   1:30 pm   Chant: “Rhythmic Gesture at the Service of the Voice”
   3:30 pm   Break
   4:00 pm   Polyphony Rehearsal
   6:00 pm   Break
   6:15 pm   Dinner
   7:15 pm   Chant Practicum
   8:30 pm   Organ Recital
   9:00 pm   Compline

Sunday, April 22nd
   8:45 am    Warm-up/final rehearsal for Mass
   10:00 am   High Mass


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