Gregorian Chant CD by Our Seminarians and Sisters


Gregorian Chant CD
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"The entire CD is just
splendid and expertly done."

~ Jeffrey Tucker ~
Editor of Sacred Music Magazine

This CD was recorded in our seminary chapel near Florence, Italy, in the spring of 2007 by a large group of seminarians of the Institute of Christ the King and the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus. These young voices, the vast majority of whom are under thirty years of age, are formed to chant the timeless contemplative melodies of the traditional Roman Liturgy in the spirit of the great Chant masters of Solesmes. Hours of guided exercise in the fine technique of Chant are directed by our Choirmaster, Reverend Canon Wulfran Lebocq.

This highly acclaimed CD includes the Mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ Sovereign and Eternal Priest, Mass of Saints Peter & Paul, and chants for Benediction. The CD can be purchased through our secure online store or through Amazon, where a downloadable MP3 version is available as well.