Quotes from Recent Popes and Curial Cardinals

Quotes from Recent Popes and Curial Cardinals on the traditional Latin liturgy.

Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, Prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy, in an interview for Il Giornale, May 31, 2004

"When you hear talk about so-called 'traditionalists', some think that they are a group with a stubborn and nostalgic attachment to the past. That is not true. In fact, here we find ourselves before a dynamic Christian view of the life of faith and devotion, shared by so many families and their children who are attached to those ancient liturgical and devotional forms which have accompanied the Church through centuries of her history and have formed legions of saints."

Pope John Paul II in an address to the plenary assembly of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, delivered September 21, 2001, and published in L'Osservatore Romano

"The People of God need to see priests and deacons behave in a way that is full of reverence and dignity, in order to help them to penetrate invisible things without unnecessary words or explanations. In the Roman Missal of Saint Pius V, as in several Eastern liturgies, there are very beautiful prayers through which the priest expresses the most profound sense of humility and reverence before the Sacred Mysteries: they reveal the very substance of the Liturgy."

Pope Paul VI in his Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum, April 3, 1969

"The 'Missale Romanum' as promulgated in 1570 by our predecessor St. Pius V, in execution of the decree of the Council of Trent. It has been recognized by all as one of the many admirable results that the Council achieved for the benefit of the entire Church of Christ. For four centuries it provided Latin-rite priests with norms for the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice; moreover messengers of the Gospel brought this Missal to almost the entire world. Innumerable holy men and women nurtured their spiritual life on its readings from Scripture and on its prayer texts."