Posted May 13, 2008


As you can see the altar assembly is about half-done. The crew is waiting for the tabernacle enclosure which is being refinished at an outside location to be completed. Once the tabernacle is installed then the remainder of the assembly can be finished. It's going to be beautiful.

The view below shows the reverse side of the main altar. It is about two and a half feet from the back wall of the sanctuary.

Cleaning and polishing of the marble pieces continues as the altar assembly progresses.

While the work goes on at the main altar, the side altars assembly has begun. The photo below show a crew working on the first step of the gospel side altar and the concrete block superstructure that holds all the marble pieces.

Some of the marble pieces of the main altar weigh as much as 2,500 pounds. In the picture below, you can see the steel assembly of an apparatus that is used to lift these super-heavy sections. A couple of the heavier sections are shown below. The large white piece in the foreground is the next piece to be positioned after the tabernacle enclosure is installed. It weighs over a ton. Also seen below is the dome of the altar which will be placed at the pinnacle of the altar. This piece alone weighs in excess of 1,000 pounds. The pieces are lifted by means of pulleys on the cross-member rail and positioned on the altar. It's tricky work and quite difficult.

As the altar assembly continues, the volunteer crews are appling sheetrock to the walls of the sacristy and the sacristy/office restroom.

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