Posted July 23, 2007


Volunteers continue to build the sanctuary steps. The main altar steps are complete with the sub-flooring installed. At the last work session, the stair jacks are now being installed for the side altars, after which the sub-flooring will be installed.

In the above photo, Dan Bartosik shows his skill fastening the stair jacks around a pillar.

Parishioner Ron Long, who is a professional contractor, loaning his expertise to the Oratory renovation effort saws pieces for side altar flooring installation.

Meanwhile outside the church a crew of about five persons were cutting down the extraneous trees and shrubbery that were growing out of control on the south side of the chruch. Parishioner, Paul Villotti trims the branches of a tree next to the alley and off to the left, Paul Estopare stands by to grab the chunk when it falls.

These two concrete pads, just to the south side of the church annex are intended to provide the base for the electrical transformer and the HVAC compresser. These two piece of equipment, which will be installed soon, will be surrounded by tall fencing for safety and security purposes.

And lastly, one shy volunteer took refuge from the camera behind a water jug.

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