Posted June 30, 2007


Portions of the floor joists that had to be removed and replaced due to water and fire damage are being reused. The rotted ends are discarded and the solid material is being cut to form joists and stair jacks for the altar rail platform and steps to the sanctuary. The skills learned through years of working in construction and the work of volunteers is continuing to yield results that may not be evident to the occasional visitor.

The saw dust is flying as, Don Deister shows the skill of a craftsman in his laying out and cutting the many stair jacks needed to support the steps leading to the sanctuary. Don made a master pattern for the stair jacks and used it to layout the many that are need to span the front of the sanctuary.

As Don was cutting the stair jacks, volunteers were installing them.   A stair jack was installed on either end of the sanctuary platform, and the team used a stringline stretched to enable the installing crew to line them up at the same elevation. Wood cleats were screwed to the existing floor framing and each stair jack.   The framing was checked for plum and leveled.  Cutting or shimming was done as needed to level the stairs and platform.  Both hand and power tools were employed in this important process of leveling the floor system.

The volunteers are installing the sub flooring, using constructing adhesive and screws. Ever mindful of the details, Don is checking the dimension for the next piece of plywood that will need to be cut

From his perch on the west wall of the sanctuary, it appears as if St. Patrick is over-seeing the installation of the sub-flooring on the steps. The stairs and part of the sanctuary have now have sub-flooring installed. This photo shows the work as completed by the end of the Saturday workday.

Our very special thanks to parishioner, Bill Fitzgibbons, for these photographs and descriptions of the most recent work session. And, our gratitude also goes out to the Oratory's dedicated, talented and hard-working volunteers.

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