Posted November 27, 2006


As the demolition in the vestibule area of the church (east face) continues, more and more evidence of the 1960s fire that did great damage to the church appears. The photo above shows the burn damage permanently stamped on the surface of the brick on the inside of the church.

This floor joist (above) that has been removed shows just how extensive the damage was. The volunteers, under the direction of parishioner Don Deister, thought that they were done replacing floor joists damaged by water and wood-rot. But now many more joists must be removed that suffered extensive fire damage. This is a set-back...but one of many.

But, with every problem uncovered, there is usually a compensating joy discovered. In the photo above, which is taken of the plaster wall in the sacristy area on the south side of the church, are the old signatures of some of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of altar boys who served the Mass over 130 years. We can't determine the age of the signatures but the boyish penmanship appears to be of a pre-WWII vintage. Many of the signatures are Irish, which is a further indication of the Irish heritage of our church. Finding these signatures during the demolition of church is almost like opening a time capsule of the history of the parish.

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