Posted August 28, 2006

NOUS VOUS REMERCIONS, Abbé FOURNIER. Father Fournier, replacing Father Buchholz for a couple of weeks earned our great respect and gratitude.

We apologize for the fuzzy photo, and express our great appreciation for the two weeks that Father Fournier gave us. He made many friends with his friendly, open and kind attention to the parishioners of the Oratory. His homilies were replete with excellent thought provoking ideas and observations, and they were delivered with an admirable earnestness...and sometimes with just a right touch of humor. We thank you, Father Fournier and hope that you can return to Kansas City soon.

Posted August 21, 2006

Doesn't it feel great to be at the center of good, positive media news about the Latin Mass!

In this story (the second in just a month) the Star writer emphasizes the renovation progress at the Oratory and some of its interesting history. Click here to read the story. It's just grand and makes us feel very proud to be part of the continuing history of Old St. Patrick.

The photo to the right shows a few of the volunteers who have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours of "sweat & dirt" equity in the renovation of Old St. Patrick. It is estimated that all this hard work will pay off concretely in about a year when the Oratory community will make its move to 8th and Cherry.

Posted August 20, 2006

CHURCH ARCHITECT, WILLIAM HEYER, presented his concepts for the interior design of the Oratory at community meeting, August 20, 2006

Mr. Heyer gave us a little history lesson and showed slides of well-known architectural styles of churches throughout the world to illustrate and help us understand how his concept of the interior will appear when complete. A large group of parishioners gathered in the Parish Hall to hear the presentation and to ask questions.

We will post conceptual sketches of Mr. Heyer's ideas as approved by Bishop Finn and by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest as they become available to us.

Posted August 20, 2006

SPECIAL THANKS TO CRAIG DEISTER, the architect of record for the Oratory project, as appointed by the Chancery

Craig Deister, has been a supporter of the Latin Mass for many years, and many have seen him every fall as the co-pilot for the Deister "Cattle Company" bar-b-que rig at Our Lady of Sorrows Ocktoberfest festivals.

As the prime architect for the Oratory project, Craig answers to the diocese and is responsible for all the the renovation details.

Craig is a graduate of K-State with a degree in Architecture and is one of two principal partners in Blue Bike Architects with offices in the mid-town Westport Area. Craig and his partner have numerous projects in the works including a huge corporate hospitality center, hotel and meeting facilities in the Dominican Republic. The firm recently completed a community center for St. Bridget church parish in Pleasant Hill Missouri. Craig's partner previously worked with HOK Architects who specialize in designing large sporting venues.

Posted August 7, 2006


John Heuretz, who during his two years attending Old St. Patrick has been a stalwart volunteer and a person who the Oratory could always count on for dedicated work and good counsel. He will shortly be starting a new job that will take him on extended trips throughout the county which will make it impossible for him to continue his membership in the Oratory. But, in a very positive way, John will still be with us as he will continue writing the "Liturgy Notes" that appear weekly in the Oratory Bulletin. He will send his work to us by email. We want to thank John for all that he has done for the Oratory and especially for his continuation of his bulletin articles. And we wish him all the best in his new work.

Posted August 7, 2006


Miss Borges' effort to visit every one of the Institute apostolates in the United States, brought her on a whirlwind 4-day stay in Kansas City and had the opportunity to meet many of the Oratory members at church, in lunch and dinner meetings and at their homes where possible. She was also able to meet Father Bradley Offutt and Ms. Paula Moss, the diocesan development director.

Shown at one gathering are Steve Martinez, Kerrie Gear, Michael Koop, Tom Gear, Robin Quastler, Tim Leete and Cristina Borges. Miss Borges felt that it was a very rewarding but exhausting round of visits and said that she "loved Kansas City" and hopes to be able to come again soon.

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