Posted June 16, 2006

FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI - First Communion and the first Corpus Christi procession held by Old St. Patrick Oratory attracts a good number of people at High Mass, Thursday evening, June 15, 2006.

The evening began in a beautiful fashion with the entrance of the servers, first communicants and Father Buchholz passing through an honor guard formed by the Knights of Columbus.

Some of the first communicants express their happiness at this wonderful moment in their young lives.

After Mass, a procession was formed which moved around the church beginning on the south side. This is the first Corpus Christi procession at Our Lady of Sorrows church for many, many decades. It was an especially moving experience for all.

First communicants lead the Blessed Sacrament under its canopy......

...and in the traditional fashion, they sprinkled flower petals along the way!

The Knights of Columbus provided a regal and colorful honor guard.

Father Buchholz and servers bowed low in adoration of the exposed Blessed Sacrament reposed on an outside altar on the west side of the church. The procession altar was built and furnished by the Quastler, Dubbert, Troyer and Potts families.

During adoration, the Oratory Gregorian Chant Schola sang the Sequence from the Mass of Corpus Christi, "Lauda Sion", the "Magnificat", the "Litany of the Sacred Heart" and a number of hymns.

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