Posted May 24, 2006

NEW SANCTUARY FURNISHINGS...ON THE WAY - Through a wonderful stroke of luck and the good efforts of Fathers Offutt and Buchholz and Msgr. Schmitz, we have been able to obtain the entire furnishings of a church in the Boston, Massachusetts archdiocese at no cost to us.

Over 60 churches in the Boston archdiocese are being closed, sold or demolished. This extremely sad situation, nevertheless, has become a wonderful opportunity for Old St. Patrick to find church furnishings that we could never possibly afford on our own. We are getting the complete sanctuary furnishing of St. Mary, Star of the Sea church and some of the furnishing of Sacred Heart church in Lowell, Massachusetts .

This is a view of this entirely marble altar in the Romanesque style along with the 7 seals located above the altar. All these fixtures have been given to us by the Boston archdiocese. We must pay to have a crew dismantle all the equipment, pack it for shipment, ship and store until the oratory is ready for re-assembling. This will amount to over $100,000.00 even though the equipment is free. But, in the end we will have an enormously beautiful and highest quality setting for the celebration of the Mass in the Latin Rite. The photos below show some the detail of the marble carvings that adorn the altar.

We also will be getting an entire communion rail, a lectern, baptismal font, a complete set of gorgeous stations of the cross, side altars and a set of stunning full size marble statues. The following pictures show these items.

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