Posted June 27, 2006

Msgr. Michael Schmitz speaks by phone interview on Radio Station KCTE in Kansas City.

In a 10 minute interview, Msgr. Schmitz told the radio audience in general about the activities of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest and in particular about the renovation of Old St. Patrick Oratory. To listen click here.

Posted June 19, 2006

Fr. Buchholz and members of Old St. Patrick Oratory participated in the Eucharistic Procession led by Bishop Finn and held in St. Joseph, Mo. on the Feast of Corpus Christi

Approximately 50 priests and religious, including the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles (shown below) processed between two churches in St. Joseph, Missouri on Sunday, June 19th. From reports of Old St. Patrick Oratory members who made the trip to St. Joe and joined the procession, it was a joyful afternoon and full of fervor. It was another triumph for Bishop Finn. God bless our bishop!

Photo courtesy of Paul Villotti

Posted June 14, 2006

Old St. Patrick sponsoring summer Gregorian Chant classes

Every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. the Oratory is holding classes for anyone in Kansas City who would like to learn or become more proficient in singing the beautiful chant of the Church. Classes will in instructed by Tom Gear, a Master of Arts in Choral Direction and also the organist for Old St. Patrick. The class will be in the Parish Hall of Our Lady of Sorrows church at 2552 Gillham Road. All are welcome. You do not need to be a member of Old St. Patrick.

This photo shows Mr. Gear and some of the 17 participants present at the class held on the evening of June 13th.

Posted May 9, 2006

Old St. Patrick parishioners get the opportunity to visit the Chicago headquarters of the Institute of Christ the King and hear a talk, sponsored by the Institute, by the world-renowned Catholic philosopher, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

John and Robin Quastler
had the privilege to travel to Chicago on the week-end of May 5th to attend a lecture by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand and to tour the facilities of the institute's U.S. headquarters along with St. Gelasius, the beautiful and massive church that the Institute is restoring in the Woodlawn neighborhood of south Chicago. The talk was outstanding and edifying as expected, and the Quastler's had the opportunity to meet and visit with Dr. von Hildebrand and some of the national staff of the institute.


St. Gelasius Church...will eventually become a Shrine dedicated to Christ the King Sovereign Priest. For more information about the renovation, click here.

In front of the Institute headquarters are Cristina Borges, the Director of Development for the Institute. She had previously worked for EWTN as regional manager for Europe. Miss Borges is with Joseph Jessel, an assistant to Monsignor Schmitz. Joseph has visited Kansas City several times with Monsignor. He is the St. Gelasius' organist and has graced our chant scola in Kansas City during his first visit. Miss Borges has also been very helpful with suggestions and direction for our Oratory web site.

This is the beautiful priory chapel at which the St. Gelasius community attends Mass and other liturgy during the renovations of the main church.

Monsignor Schmitz showed the Quastlers great hospitality and they were able to meet and talk with Dr. von Hildebrand at breakfast after Sunday Mass. This photo, taken in the priory dining room, shows Monsignor Schmitz, Robin Quastler and Dr. Alice von Hildebrand.

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