News from the Vineyard
Wisconsin Boys Summer Camp

July 14, 2014 found boys from across America and beyond gathered in a little paradise just outside of Wausau, Wisconsin. Its vast expanse of meadows and woodland make it a perfect place for these future men to pitch camp. And, now, this year, the campers were treated to the . . . continue »

Sursum Corda Young Adult Weekend

Nearly 70 young adults ages 18-35 gathered from around the country at Mundelein Conference Center near Chicago from July 25-28 for a long weekend of prayer, faith and spiritual formation, social activities, sports and games, under the direction of the Institute's Canons and . . . continue »

2014 Ordinations: Over 65 Seminarians Ordained

The highpoint and crowning moment of the scholastic year at St. Philip Neri International Seminary, Ordination Week is the opportunity to manifest devotion to Christ our King and Sovereign Priest, fidelity to His Church in union with her bishops, and reverence for the edifying . . . continue »

More Photos of St. Louis Ordinations

Understanding the ceremonies of the Rite of priestly Ordination The Sacred Liturgy is a divine gift. By the design of the Liturgy, faithfully executed by the Church, the Holy Ghost leads man to an ever closer union with his sovereign God. A great part of this design reveals . . . continue »

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