Portfolio & Estate Giving

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Here are some ways in which you may make financial contributions to the mission of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. These are some of the more popular giving concepts, which can meet both the objectives for your estate planning as well as your desire to help the Institute. Please note that the details apply to donors in the United States of America, though the concepts can be applied in most countries. Thank you for considering these options to support the apostolic work of the Institute of Christ the King.

Note: These suggestions are presented for the purpose of discussing, in a preliminary way, the possibilities of substantial financial support for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. If you seriously consider any of the options below, you should contact and seek the advice of appropriate financial experts and legal advisors. Please contact our US Provincial Headquarters at 773-363-7409 for additional information.

A Gift of Securities (Stocks)

Your stock portfolio may be one of the first places you would consider to look any time that you wish to make a substantial charitable contribution.

  • If you have stock that you have owned for more than one year, the tax laws are structured to permit you to deduct the entire present market value of the stock that you own, including all the growth that the stock may have had.
  • The result can be a lower income tax.
  • You can deduct up to 30% of your gross adjusted income in any tax year.

A Gift of Cash

A charitable gift of cash is deductible from your taxes, assuming that you itemize your tax return in the year that you make a donation.

  • You can deduct up to 50% of your adjusted gross income
  • If you give a larger amount than this limit, the tax law allows you to carry-over the deduction for as long as five years

A Gift of Life Insurance

For the individual who would like to make a substantial bequest to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest but does not have sufficient assets to fulfill this desire, a charitable plan consisting of a life policy could be considered.

  • The policy owner (typically, the insured, but not in all cases) can transfer an existing life insurance policy to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. (First decide that this is life insurance your family will not need as this is an irrevocable transaction).
  • The income tax deduction is limited to the lesser of:
    1. The donor's cost basis (premiums paid less dividends received in cash and policy loans outstanding), or
    2. The policy's value, which varies with the type of policy being donated.
      • Ordinary life: The interpolated terminal reserve (roughly cash value) plus any prepaid premium.
      • Paid-up policy: Present cost of a comparable policy at the donor's current age.
      • New policy**: The gross premium just paid.
      • Term insurance: The portion of premium hat is still unearned by the insurer.

** If a new policy is being purchased, the "Applicant," "Owner," "Premium Payer," and "Beneficiary" should be the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. (In order to get the tax deduction, the donor can have no "incidence of ownership" in the policy). The donor writes the check to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest which in turn issues the checks for the premiums when they come due. Premium notices and statements go to the Institute of Christ the King and the Institute sends a "donation reminder" to the donor. If circumstances change, the donor can discontinue making the gifts and the Institute (as Owner) can instruct the insurance company that it wants to either take a "paid-up" policy or cash it in for the cash value.

A Gift of Real Estate

This method of giving to the Institute can be very tax-advantageous. You can give a personal residence, a farm, a second home, a commercial property or a piece of undeveloped and vacant land.

  • When you assign ownership of real estate, you or your estate is freed from the the problems of selling the property.
  • A gift of real estate means you can save substantial amounts on your taxes while having the wonderful feeling of being a contributor to the good financial health of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
  • Appreciated real estate can be even more beneficial to you than giving cash. For example, if you purchased your property some years ago for $40,000.00, and it is now worth $250,000.00.
  • By giving the property to the Institute you will be able to claim a tax-deduction of the full present value of the property and eliminate any capital gains taxes on its appreciation.

A Gift of Your Home . . . While You Continue to Live in It

There is another very advantageous potential in giving your home to the Institute of Christ the King while you still remain living in it. It is called setting up a "Retained Life Estate."

  • When you deed your home to the Institute, you will gain a healthy income tax donation in the year that you give it. Your financial advisors can help you calculate the possibilities depending on your age and any other persons who would be given lifetime use of the home in addition to your own.
  • This option is available on any personal residential property; for example, a farm, a second home, a condominium or even stock in a cooperative housing corporation (co-op).
  • Upon your death and the death of your survivor, the Institute will receive the property outright.

A Gift of Personal Property

You may have a valuable and treasured piece; such as, a painting, antiques, collectibles or other personal property that you would wish to donate to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

  • You give the item to the Institute and it may be held or displayed or may, at some future time be sold with the proceeds used for the Institute's purposes.
  • You will receive immediate tax benefits for the appraised value of your gift and pay no capital gains tax
  • You have the satisfaction of making a significant gift to the Institute and it will not affect your cash flow

Other Gifting Possibilities

There are many other ideas that may suit your needs, circumstances, and objectives for giving to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. For example, you may consider:

  • Gifts through your Will or through a Living Trust
  • An Immediate or Deferred Gift Annuity