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Jubilee Year in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Shrine

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of St. Joseph Day Conference & Day of Prayer on March 19-20, 2023




Wednesday, June 7
Last day for Homeschool Co-op and Catechism class.
Party for both groups: 2pm-5pm

Thursday, June 8, Corpus Christi
8:00 AM | Low Mass
7:00 PM | High Mass followed by Procession with the Blessed Sacrament

Sunday, June 11, Second after Pentecost, Solemnity of Corpus Christi. Canon Alexis Rouquayrol, one of our missionary Canons, stationed in Gabon (West Africa) will give a presentation in the social hall after each Mass on the situation of our missions where both Canon Commins and Canon Stein served, years ago.
7:00 AM | Low Mass
9:00 AM | Low Mass with organ
11:00 AM | High Mass followed by Procession with the Blessed Sacrament

Friday, June 16, Sacred Heart of Jesus
8:00 AM | Low Mass
6:00 PM | Holy Hour
7:00 PM | High Mass with homily

Sunday, June 18, Third after Pentecost, Solemnity of Sacred Heart. There will be a second collection for the Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus.
7:00 AM | Low Mass
9:00 AM | Low Mass with organ
11:00 AM | High Mass

Friday, June 23
8:00 AM | Low Mass
6:00 PM | Holy Hour
7:00 PM | Low Mass
8:00 PM | Aquinas Night in the Social Hall with Catered Dinner ($5 donation)

Saturday, June 24, Feast of St. John the Baptist
9:00 AM | High Mass

Sunday, June 25, Fourth after Pentecost
7:00 AM | Low Mass
9:00 AM | Low Mass with organ
11:00 AM | High Mass sung by Cantatio (St. Joseph Shrine Summer Men’s Chorus)

Thursday, June 29, Saints Peter & Paul
8:00 AM | Low Mass
7:00 PM | Low Mass with organ


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